October 18, 2009

A Web-by Weekend at KK.

It's hard to believe that it's been a week since I tried to learn the ropes of updating and managing a website. It's so much harder than managing a blog site for sure, especially for someone like me who has no idea of how html, css and other codes work. However, thanks to the careful guidance and the patience of a good friend, I was able to get a basic overview of how websites work. Over coffee and doughnuts, I was able to update our clinic website and put in articles and descriptions to our services. Not bad for a noob like me! It kinda made me more confident in my capacity to start looking for my own webhosting deal.

Although I don't intend to start my own website though, but since I'm becoming more involved in blogging, I think getting my own domain and host would be a good investment soon. I want an unlimited hosting plan where I am free to manage all the different sites I am currently trying to navigate through. Of course, I have to get them redirected to my own domains first! For now, I think the best thing for me to do is read up on what are the best options and offers are out there so I can make the best informed decision that suits my needs.

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