October 25, 2009

Surprise in the Mail.

More often than not, the only thing that enters most mailboxes are bills. Bills and junk mail. Since the email revolution, snail mail has decreased markedly, particularly for personal communication. Yesterday, however, I found a surprise in the mail. When I opened my mailbox, I found a birth announcement from a good friend of mine who I had not known was expecting! It felt nice seeing something from a mail box rather than an inbox for a change. So much so that I got to thinking, perhaps since Christmas is approaching, maybe I should send real Christmas cards this year rather than e-cards.

I wonder, though, if people still maintain these boxes nowadays. I know mine's kinda rusty and sometimes I find leaves in them. I looked around the village and noticed that most of my neighbors are in a similar situation. I did see, however, one of those pretty wall mount mailboxes with nice etchings on it. It made me realize that mailboxes aren't just drop-off boxes for mail, but they can also be very nice accessories or ornaments for your home.

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