October 4, 2009

Back to School.

Tomorrow students of all ages will troop back to school. No, it is not the start of the school year, but a fresh start after the devastating typhoon that ravaged the country. Over the past seven days, school officials have worked hard to get schools and classrooms that are not being used as evacuation centers back to normal. Just this morning, I read on my FB page that med students were being asked to clean out their lockers so that they can be hosed down. However, one problem with many school lockers is that they're made out of wood, unlike a gym locker which is usually made of metal or steel. Also, unlike the detached lockers for sale, these tend to be built in to the walls.  To make matters worse, these wood lockers tend not to have slats on them, so if it did get flooded, it would definitely take longer for the water to seep out of it. I shudder at the thought of molds that may be growing in there if left unattended for longer.

I suppose, in some small way, its a good thing that often times, here in Manila, a kids locker is more for storing school and emergency supplies, such as a health kit with extra clothes, pad papers and the like.Books are not often encouraged to be left in there as kids have so much homework nowadays. Also, most moms prefer to have their kids bring home their books for advanced reading. I'm sure many students need a lot of new supplies. Hopefully, they were able to salvage a lot of it, thus lessening the burden of new purchases in the middle of the school year.

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