October 20, 2009

The 411 on the Informant

Starring an almost unrecognizable Matt Damon, the movie The Informant is a dark comedy based on true events that inspired the book with the same title. It is a story of corporate espionage and conspiracy, and an uncanny hero: a pudgy, unassuming man in a suit.

Mark Whitacre was the youngest top executive in the company ADM when he turned informant by becoming a whistleblower about illegal price-fixing activities top officials in the company were engaged in. The fraud, which spanned international waters, revolved around a chemical additive called lysine which was used in livestock. After turning whistleblower, Whitacre had to endure years of wire-tapping and surveillance activities with the FBI to gather evidence against ADM. However, these activities eventually took its toll on the businessman who, apparently, suffered from a disorder.

I won't spoil the story much for you, but I have to admit, I kinda got lost in the story a little bit, especially given my background on psychology. Essentially what I can say is, I wasn't expecting that!

Was it a good film? Well, suffice it to say it was not really my cup of tea. The fast transitions and endless narratives, twists and turns (although clearly essential in the film) threw me off somewhat, plus much as Matt Damon's performance was good, it was a bit of a letdown because he didn't look so much like the Matt Damon I love :-)

However, I am almost 100% sure my friend Janine (who enjoys the exact opposite kinds of films that I do) would probably say otherwise. In fact, I kinda missed her on the drive home from the screening because I'm sure should she have been there, we would have had an interesting debate going. Honestly, it was an interesting film, despite it not being the typical movie I would seek out.

The true-to-life film will be shown exclusively at Ayala Mall's Glorietta 4, Greenbelt 3 and Trinoma starting tomorrow, October 21.

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