October 18, 2009

Identity and Information Protection.

I recently finished watching the entire five seasons of the television series Alias, which starred Jennifer Garner as an agent with the CIA. It took me about two weeks to finish it all. Basically, that's all I watched day in and day out!!! It was amazing to see how technology was even as early as 2001. In the same breath, it showed me how easily one's identity and information can be stolen or violated. And to think they were showing supposedly protected information. It may be kinda mind boggling for me to understand how they crack codes and encryptions as well as penetrate systems with auto logoff and security measures in place. In this day and age, it is very important to be vigilant about how our information is being processed, especially online. Also, when it comes to shared work stations, it is vital to have your own profiles protected by passwords and the like because it is so easy to peep into others documents. In fact, I had a student who once stole someone else's paper because she forgot to log off from her email. I guess this is also one reason why I refuse to use other computers at work despite the fact that I hate lugging around my heavy lappy!!!

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