May 15, 2011

Missing The Theater

When I was a child (despite the fact that I, um, cannot sing or dance to save my life!!!) I used to do theatre performances. I loved productions...I used to play all sorts of roles and yes, even if I was often off-key in singing, I could get away with it on stage, especially since the singing voices were recorded anyway. The acting part, perhaps, is what I really loved. It's funny because to be honest, I am a very, very shy person. However, when I was younger, I would dream of performing in big stages, not just in the Philippines, but more on Broadway and those big theatres like Radio City Music Hall or Madison Square Garden, or even in those stadiums and coliseums that are great venues for productions.

As I grew older, my fascination for theater shifted from wanting to perform in it to being content with watching such wonderful plays like Cats and Miss Saigon, as well as the movie based plays such as The Wedding Singer and Legally Blonde. If only theater tickets weren't so expensive and hard to come by (especially here in the Philippines), I'd watch a play once a month!!! 

One play I would love to catch that's coming to my neck of the woods soon is the Cirque du Soleil: Zarkana. I do hope tickets come my way....but wait, I suppose I gotta find out when and where it will be on first. Haha.

Anyway, what's your favorite theater production? Care to share? to continue reading...

Fresh Starts

I'm back...

Yes, I  know it's been a while. Sometimes I just run out of steam, I guess, managing everything I have to be managing. But anyway, like I was saying, I'm back :) Or at least I'm trying. Teehee.

I took the past two weeks off from life in general, and today I am ending that little hiatus and well, lets hope I stay on track for a bit.

See ya around peeps :) to continue reading...

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