January 3, 2011

Scrubs...Not Just For Doctors :-)

One of the things my friend, who is a physical therapist, keeps telling me is how comfortable it is to sleep in her scrubs. Sure, they're medical uniforms but since she is no longer with the company that issued those scrubs, she uses it for sleeping. Actually, I was laughing at her when she made it a point to bring these scrubs from here when she migrated to the US. I was telling her she really didn’t need it, but she was like, I want it. She says it allows her to move freely and comfortably. I never really thought they could be comfy, but now that I think of it, doctors, nurses and therapists who use scrubs need to be able to move quickly and freely with what they're wearing, right?
Actually, I love how these nurses and doctors scrubs have become quite cute and stylish, especially the ones for pediatricians. They come with cute little characters that are so adorable.From hearts to stars and cartoon characters, these scrubs are no longer limited to plain white, hospital-y looking thingies.They come in all sorts of colors too. I see them when the nannies and caregivers around our neighborhood (yes, scrubs have evolved to being used by so many other professions!). If I were to get a pair for myself, I'd pick a set of  teal green scrubs. That would be so cute I tell ya! to continue reading...

Back in Business

After another looooong hiatus....I'm back. :-) Wish me luck this time around...I need to keep this blog going. After all, it was the one that kept me company through the long dark nights that I struggled with. It has my inner most thoughts (well, at least those that are available for public consumption teeheeheee) and so I wanna make sure it stays alive.

I do hope you come back and visit every now and then! Even more, I hope I have new stuff for you to read when you return! to continue reading...

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