October 27, 2008

Our Halloween Trip

This is where I'm gonna be this weekend! I am spending halloween night with my dearest...Bubba. He and I (and hopefully Janine: I need a photographer hehe) will be trick or treating in the beach!!! Super excited!!! to continue reading...

October 25, 2008

Yummy Stocking Stuffers (Christmas List 3/12)

Have you hung up your Christmas stocking yet?

I remember my old stocking. It was the typical red felt stocking with white trim. To make it more special, my mom carefully laid out my name with gold string. Every yuletide season, that stocking would make a cameo. While now it's mostly for decorative purposes, it used to house wonderful goodies from Santa come Christmas mornins. Usually they were candy canes and lollipops, but sometimes Santa would get creative
and put useful stuff in it. I used to love having all the litte stuff, because they'd be so much more than bigger sized items! Lest we forget the extra goodies we'd get just before the feast of the Three Kings when Christmas decorations would be taken down and packed into boxes. This got me to thinking of list number three: Christmas stocking stuffers. Nowadays there are so many new goodies available in the market, it's hard to choose! These are the things I'd fill my kids' stockings with...if i had them haha. Then again, how said stockings had to be for kids only? :-)

1. Kitkat bites...little round balls of chocolate goodness...not too sweet, crisp and fresh, this new twist to the classic Kitkat is by far the best. Much better than the KitKat Chunky bar. Remember:need a break? Have a Kitkat :-) make it Bites! Downside to this: you can't stop munching on it till it's gone!!!

2. Flaming Hot Cheetos. Super yummy treat! Love it. Love the red fingers you get from it too haha. It has a spicy, hot kick but not too much, which makes you keep wanting more. Yummy. The only drawback is it comes only in one size.

3. E-aji Sour Cream and Onion chips. Very much like Lay's, but more affordable :-) It's chip is a little harder and thicker than the soft crispy chip of Lay's though, but not in a bad way. It has a good flavor too. I just hope it maintains this quality even as it gets more popular and well known.

4. M&M's Dark Chocolate/Peanut Butter. Yuuummmm....a twist to the classic M&M brand. Both these variants are so good! Being both a dark chocolate lover and a peanut butter fan, I can't choose between the two. Both rank equally to me :-) (photo from

5. Goya Dark Mint Chocolates. Surprisingly yummy for a local chocolate brand. No offense to the local market. For some reason, though, I still have to find a local choco that measures up to the rich quality of imported brands. I don't think it's just the quality, but maybe the recipe itself. In any case, this box of Goya chocolates is superb!!! Nice texture, good flavor...a perfect end to any meal. Plus very affordable. The Black and White version is just as good.

6. Chocnut. If you are a Filipino, then you will know what Chocnut is! This is the quintessential Filipino candy/treat. The classic amongst classic, any candy list would not be complete without this. Others have tried to imitate it, but to date, nothing comes close.

7. Flat Tops. Another Filipino classic. This, and it's relative Curly Tops, have been such a favorite treat for many Filipino children. For me, I can't just have one...further, for some funny reason, the older it gets, the yummier it is. Newly produced ones aren't as delicious, hehe. Of course, when it's too old, that's questionable as well haha.

8. Chupa Chups Strawberry and Cream. Growing up, this was an afternoon treat. However, during Christmas, it was even more special. I particularly like how it's not so sweet, and yet sweet enough to keep you wanting more.

9. Frutos Chewy Candy. A pack of this soft, chewy candy is bound to bring a smile to any face. My personal favorite is the strawberry, but all other flavors are quite good too. It reminds me of the old kind of fruittella candy.

Blow Pop Lollipops. An old favorite :-) however, it seems to me the gum in the center is not as good as it used to be.� It's kinda all sugary and it seems to melt away. I don't seem to have that wad of gum to chew anymore afterwards :-(

11. Kellogg's Rice Crispy Treats. I used to love this so much!!! It got popular way back when I was in high school, and for some time it was readily available in the local market. Nowadays it's more difficult to find. Luckily for my brothers (who love it as much as I did!) the DLSU cafeteria often has this in stock! (photo from

12. Moniegold Gummy Tamarind and Plum. I think my friend T likes the candy one better than this, but for me, this is more like it. Kinda weird though, as it is not the typical tamarind candy, particularly the round ones with a seed in the middle and covered in sugar. I initially didn't like the taste, I particularly dislike the powdery stuff, but to be honest, it grows on you.

I could go on and on with this list....there's still Jolly Ranchers, Werther's, Kisses...but I gotta end it with this. I'm getting hungry. And I wonder why I've gained so much weight...duh!!! :-)

What's your favorite Stocking Stuffer? to continue reading...

October 22, 2008

I so want to...

go to the beach.
go to the beach.
go to the beach.

did i say go to the beach? to continue reading...

October 20, 2008

The Hatching!

I was getting ready for bed when I noticed that one of my pet caterpillar cocoons was empty. I touched it gently and saw some liquid seep out of the cocoon but no butterfly. I thought it was gone...

But lo and behold, I looked around and hanging on the branch I left in the terrarium was this!!! to continue reading...

October 18, 2008

My Top Model Experience.

Had an interesting experience today: I was a hair model!

My friend and I heard about this salon called La Napa when we were in Coron and when we got back, we got offered a free haircut in the salon. We were told that La Napa was one of those high-end salons that offer high quality (and priced!) treatments and procedures so we were naturally curious. I've never had my hair cut in any other place except the typical salon (i.e. Davids) because I've always thought these places were exorbitantly expensive. Me pa, I'm so cheap hehe! So of course being dangled an offer of a freebie haircut I decided to give it a try.

Let me qualify before I go on: I did love my hair and it's length before I got it chopped off. It took me about three years to get it that long after all! Anyway, thinking it's time for a change, I went and decided to take the risk. And take the risk it was!!! Imagine America's Next Top Model make-over episodes: when the girls go in to the salon and are told what they would get. Yup, no dictation from me as to what I wanted. Ganun pala maging hair model haha. In all fairness, the stylist did ask our preference, but in the end, he was able to articulate well what would be a better cut. Like I told the stylist and the cutter: I'm going into it with blind faith!!! The Vidal Sassoon stylist then drew his instructions for my haircut on the mirror and I just bit my lip crossed my fingers and wished for the best!

In the end, I got a pretty short bob (I think that's still what its called). Surprise, surprise, even though I thought short hair makes my already round face even rounder, it actually frames my face quite well. I just hope it stays that way even after I wash it!!!

The hidden perk of my freebie haircut is I got paid, half GC, half cash!!! I gotta admit: now I wanna be a model hahaha!!! to continue reading...

October 17, 2008

I think I lost my sense of direction...

Then again, can you really lose something you never had to begin with?!? Haha.

Ever since I was a little girl, I always had trouble with directions, particularly left and right. I don't know if it really is attributed to the fact that I was said to be diagnosed with a mild case of dyslexia as a child, but for some reason, I always seem to get lost whenever I am given directions. Sometimes it works well for me, especially as a preschool teacher as it helps with the teaching left and right since the kids mirror what I do. So when I teach left and raise my right hand, they raise their left. Confusing, but true.

Anyway, today my poor sense of direction got me into trouble again!!! I was heading to La Napa salon in Makati for a freebie haircut and because I got so desperately lost, I missed my haircut!!! Thankfully I was able to get a new schedule for tomorrow. This time I'm sure I won't get lost. At least I hope so!!! to continue reading...

October 15, 2008

I Plan to Change.

For the past five years, I have been a sucker for the Starbucks planner. As soon as the announcement for the new one comes out, I set off to the nearest café in order to get started on collecting my stickers for the much coveted planner. I even bully my friends and family to help me fill up my card at the soonest time possible.

None of these planners have changed my life though. In fact, I have to admit I barely used them, except for show-and-tell purposes.

This year, I came across a blogger’s invitation: to write a blog post about the “Journal that challenged the Starbucks planner”. Being a newbie blogger, an addicted one at that, I eagerly signed up. In return, they sent me the journal to review and critique. So, do I really think this planner is going to be different from all those planners I spent a fortune on?

Before I begin, I have to give credit to Free Speech Publications, the brainchild of the planner and this contest, for it’s boldness in asking 100 bloggers to give their two-cents worth on their product. Not just that, but that they welcome not only positive reviews about their project, but even the negative ones.

Right now I have to be honest and say I don’t know.

However, I do think that this journal is different in many ways. For one, the idea that it is not really just a planner but a journal that will actually change my life 2009 is appealing to me. It makes me see it not just as a date book or something to write my schedule in.

Here are other ways this journal compares to the Starbucks Planner. For the sake of reducing redundancies, I'll be referring to the Starbucks planner as "the planner" and the "journal" refers to Free Speech's item.

Cover: the planner, especially last years, is by far more attractive. At least for me. However, when my cousin saw it, she loved it. She liked the whole graffiti thingy in the cover, which in my opinion, was too loud. It also seems to make it more masculine, which makes it less attractive to me.
The planner's soft leather cover, and refillable rings not only make it pretty, but flexible as well. I got two of the planners, actually, and I used the other one as a sketch book after filling it up with blank sheets.

Paper: both the Planner and the Journal have good quality paper, which makes it great. I like the fact though that the planner has lined sheets, which works well for people like me who have trouble keeping their writing straight and even. Although the Journals blank spaces are great for doodling on and making little artsy fartsy stuff to commemorate the days.

Pages: I like the layout of the Journal better, in a sense that it had equally laid out spaces for the 7 days in the week. I hated the shared Saturday and Sunday spaces in the Planner. I couldn't even doodle my birthday well!!! I also liked the way you can view the month in the Journal. The dividers (the sheets between months) are also informative and interesting, definitely more than the Planners!

Quality: I was a bit frustrated with the Journal, because the binding was not done very well. The last stitched area, towards the end of the Journal, was too tight or something, as it rips the paper a little bit. Not too noticeable, but when you're OC, it can be slightly flustering! However, I like the way it opens flat, unlike the Planner of 2006 which I needed to push down to be able to write on. Also, being hardbound, it's great to throw in the bag without it getting squished around.

Size: The Journal is slightly shorter than all of the Planners, but slightly thicker than the brown 2006 planner which is most similar to the Journal. Nevertheless, it is a good size.

I definitely love the content of the Journal! While the drawings and graphics of the Planner were cute, they were often useless to me. The Journal, on the other hand, has a lot of info that are very useful. And indeed, as I read them, I am encouraged to change. The little bits of wisdom are also enlightening. And they make me smile. With the Planner it seems to me that it was always so product-oriented, thus all I end up with is useless information.

Cost: This is definitely where the Journal wins. For Php 850.00, its a good buy. On the other hand, the Planner would cost about Php 2500.00 give or take, depending on the drink you get. Nevertheless, you get a drink anyways hehe (rationalizing much???)

Cause. If I'm not mistaken, Starbucks has the Spark Hope project with Unicef. However, the way I understand it, only a portion of the proceeds go to the project. What the Journal has over the Planner is that ALL PROCEEDS go towards the building of wells and schools, as well as planting trees around the world. ALL PROCEEDS! For that alone, if I had not gotten the Journal for free and could actually spare the cash, I'd get another one. Then again maybe I should not get in that sticker line...hmmm...there we go, the Journal seems to be changing my life already!

Overall, I can't really, honestly decide which is a better planner. I still think I will foolishly line up in Starbucks everytime double sticker hour comes along. But when it comes to doing what it says it can do, I think the Journal really can change a life.

So...are you ready to change? Leave a comment when you come by please and give me your opinions. Then check out the FreeSpeech Publications website or head to Powerbooks/Fully Booked to get your own Journals and change your life in 2009!

Oh, and do come back in a day or two to see more pics of the Journal and see what others have to say about it as well! to continue reading...

45 minutes and counting...

Lately I've been watching reruns of E.R. endlessly. When I say endlessly, I mean it. I turn on my DVD when I get home from work, and keep it running till I go to bed. Sometimes, the episodes blend in, and I don't know when one ends and another begins.

Anyway, I couldn't help but compare how different the series is to many of my favorites of today, such as Grey's Anatomy and Gossip Girl. For one, it seems to me (or maybe it's just a figment of my imagination) that the hour of TV shows before were longer than the hour of a tv show today. What I mean is before, the one-hour show would be about 48-52 minutes long. Comparatively, today's shows, such as episodes of Grey's, only go up to 43, 44 minutes at most. Must be the many commercials nowadays as compared to before. Another thing I noticed is before, shows had minimal music playing in the background, save for the theme song and sound effects. It's not that there were no songs played in climactic scenes in the shows, but today, music is very much another character in the story lines of shows. What's more is many of the songs we hear in the show are actual songs that become hits on the airwaves.

What hasn't changed, however, is the pattern in many shows, whether it be a medical drama (such as E.R. vs. Grey's Anatomy), a legal drama (L.A. Law vs. Ally McBeal), or teenage lifestyle show (Beverly Hills, 90210 vs. Gossip Girl). There is always something similar about the way they cast the characters: there's a popular figure, there's the handsome hero, the jerk, the rebel, and the nerd. Also, love is always a central figure in these stories. No matter what, there has to be a love affair somewhere there!

In the end, whether today or in the past, television is really a part of our lives already. Just like real life, changes of day-to-day are seen in the changes in our favorite tv shows. No matter what, however, the basics will always be the same. to continue reading...

October 13, 2008

Lost In Translation

I spent the past four days on an out of town trip with some of my colleagues for a community service project. As a result, I could not access my blog the entire time. It made me realize how much of my social world has been in cyberspace, even though I do still work in the "real" world on a daily basis. Being in close quarters with my colleagues, particularly two of my friends who were my roommates for the trip, made me realize how often I get lost in translation when dealing with the real world.

Conversations with people, for example, was one venue for me to see how lost I get in translation. I think it's because there's no delete or backspace buttons when talking to people...with my laptop, if I say something I regret, it's so easy to erase. Plus reading words does not require one to decode intonation of voices, which often have hidden meanings to it.

Blogging, on the other hand, can be a safe haven to say things I wanna say without worrying what people have to say about it. Also, having to write them down gives me time to think before I speak, thus I get to edit myself as necessary.

I learned three very important things because of this:
1. Think before you speak. While this may not necessarily be my S.O.P., I have to make it a habit so I don't regret things I say as often as I catch myself doing so.
2. Listen and listen well. It dawned on me that even though I do listen to people, I don't always listen well. As a result, I get lost in translation!
3. It's not always about me. :-) I caught myself a lot of the times in conversations with my colleagues turning the tables back to me. Whenever we'd talk about something, I often respond "in my experience", or "for me, I think..." I think I'll reserve that for my blog :-) to continue reading...

October 9, 2008

The Cocooning

The caterpillars are starting to cocoon. It's so cool! I'm crossing my fingers that they're still cocoons when I come back on Monday.... to continue reading...

October 8, 2008

Bug Update

Today I couldn't find half of my caterpillars. Apparently they've all decided to start burrowing. My patience is being challenged by this "whole waiting for them to cocoon" experience hehe!!! Nevertheless, I'm still so amazed.

A funny upside to my bug-mothering career: I haven't been late for work in three days. I keep waking up early to check on them kasi!!!! to continue reading...

October 7, 2008

Growing Babies

Today my caterpillars, or at least two of them, turned yellow. Compared to last night, it's skin seemed a little looser. I was afraid I hurt it or something, because I ran out of the leaves it was hosting on so I put some other leaves in, just in case they'd feed on it as well.

Anyway, I would like to assume it is a normal phenomenon, and that it's really just part of the process of metamorphosis. They also stopped moving around the way they were yesterday, and the munching stopped!!!

I noticed by this evening, however, that they formed a tent-like structure (or as my cousin Maia said: a cocoon motel) and are getting quite squishy looking (meaning wet). I hope this means they'll pupate soon!!!

Anyway, my colleague Tina saw my teeny-tiny case c/o Bee, and said the caterpillars looked kinda cramped. So she brought me a big aquarium. Here's their new home!!! to continue reading...

October 6, 2008

Teacher's Pets

Teacher picked up some new pets today. Quite by accident, I might add.

A few years ago, someone very special to me shared that she once took care of some caterpillars. After some time, they had formed their chrysalis and soon were ready for their in which they would become beautiful butterflies. She told me that as they emerged from their cocoons, it was a dirty, bloody mess, but a glorious dirty, bloody mess. Since then I had been curious about how it would look.

So today I found out that a bunch of caterpillars were feeding on a plant in our schools front yard. So I went and took the plant, put it in a terrarium and crossed my fingers that soon, I, too, would witness that birthing: the terrible beauty of metamorphosis.

In the first few hours of my new pet-caring career, I have learned that story The Very Hungry Caterpillar is true: the caterpillar never stops eating! The book didn't say it poops a lot, too, though. Cute looking poop at that hehe. I left the box of caterpillars in school while I went off to my undergrad classes, with a bunch of leaves. I thought that would be enough for the next day or two. Apparently not! By the time I got back in school to pick it up, there were no more leaves, just a bunch of poop.

Then I went home and set off to create my pets new crib, where hopefully they can thrive. My cousin Bee provided me with an old container she had, which was perfect as it was a plastic container with a cover that already had slots on them. I think it once held her pet white mice. With the cage ready, I lined the bottom with some damp soil and scattered leaves and put sticks and stems they were feeding on. As I write this post, I am watching them devour the plants in their cage. It's an amazing experience thus far. I just hope it makes it all the way to the end. By the way, it's amazing how they munch through the leaves. So cute!!! Here's their new home!

In many ways, it is not only the life cycle this metamorphosis represents, but even my own terrible beauty of rebirth as well. In the past five years, I've seen myself go from a very hungry caterpillar to an emerging butterfly. The journey has not been easy, but I know, and believe, that the journey will be worth the wait. to continue reading...

October 5, 2008

Three Cheers for Teachers!

Before the day ends, let me greet all my fellow teachers out there a HAPPY TEACHERS DAY!!! I know firsthand how often thankless and tiring our jobs can get, so in behalf of all students out there (as I was once was) here is a BIG THANK YOU for....

being patient....
taking the time to go the extra mile...
trying so hard....
never giving up!

There is still so much to be thankful for, I'm sure, but there will never be enough I can say to show all you teachers how much you make a difference in the world.

Before I end, I'd like to share this message I received.

-save lives
-bridge islands
-defends you honor
TV Journalists?
-reveal the truth
-made them all.
Thank you for being one! to continue reading...

The Gadget Wishlist (Christmas List 2/12)

I was in the mall recently and noticed that Christmas carols were indeed piping through the sound systems. Yes, it's not just me anymore, Christmas is coming!!!

No matter how old we all get, I think the excitement of Christmas eve (or morning, whenever it is you open presents) still lives on. While getting Christmas presents may not seem as important as it was when I was a child, seeing my name in the gift tags of presents stirs up that excitement.

Twenty years ago, my letters to Santa were filled with toys, bicycles, and so on and so forth. Even as a young child, however, I always had an affinity towards electronic gadgets. I remember how Nintendo was always a fixture on those Christmas lists. Now that I am older, I may not write letters to Santa anymore, but if I were to do so, this is what would be in it...

1. An Apple iMac. Being a Mac convert since my friend Sandy introduced her MacBook to me, my mac has become a constant companion. Since I got it almost two years ago, I have been repeatedly wowed by the uniqueness and greatness of the mac. Sure, there are some quirks that can be annoying (i.e. some websites not working with Safari, file transfers and conversions (such as in .ppt) failing, and the like, but overall, it's been great. Let's not even go to the virus discussion!
So, since I don't have a desktop (and even though arguably one might not necessarily need a desktop nowadays) I want an iMac. It's sleek design and system power is way beyond one's expectations. Not to mention, as my cousin Kat says of another Apple product being a status symbol, there's a prestige to having a Mac. Down side to it, not being able to have many of the programs standard Microsoft computers have, particularly because everything in Mac has to be original (ergo, no piracy hehe). I also don't like the fact that I can't play the yahoo games, such as Diner Dash, Chuzzle and the like. Plus, the downside of it all: Price tag, approximately Php 65,000.

2. Speaking of Apple computers, a MacBook Air is also at the tops of my wishlist. While my MacBook is still fabulous, it would be great to have this light-weight counterpart. I haven't heard much raves (nor rants for that matter), but I've seen a few of these on campus (yes, my students have them!). Shempre naglalaway ako sa inggit diba?!? (Of course, this makes me drool with envy). I may give in to getting myself an iMac, but I don't think imagine myself dropping Php 106,000.00 for this. And this, unlike my Havianas fall-out, is something I cannot give in to!!!

3. I will not doubt that the hottest gadget for Christmas this year in the Philippines will be the iPhone. Exclusively serviced by Globe as of now, I can foresee a significant number of new subscribers to this uber cool gadget. My cousin Kat has one, and I try (successfully at that) not to sit too close to her so I don't admire it too much :-) As she describes it, it's sleek, beautiful and with a super large touch screen that's perfect to keep you entertained any time of the day, especially since there are a lot of games and applications available for downloading. Not only are the games fun, it's kinda interactive too, especially since rather than just simply pushing buttons, you can tilt, shake and move the gadget to make the game work (that's the best way I could put it!!!) She also loves the Internet functions. Being a blogger, I think this is what I would love best about it too. However, this wifi capability also appears to be a liability at this time, as it constantly searches for a signal. If no wifi signal is detected, it automatically goes on 3G or other cellular data networks which end up being charged to the subscriber, even though you didn't actually surf the net then. Another liability to this is the lack of a message forwarding function, which can be a hassle, but I think there are applications for this. A friend of mine also commented though about its tendency to suddenly hang. Whatever the case is, I still love it! But Globe's present price tag (which is almost 40k) is a little too much to swallow. I'll take the iMac nalang! Plus the biggest drawback: it's too hard to text while driving, tense or, as Kat says: drunk!!! hehe. Then again, maybe that is a good thing. Whatchathink?!? :-)

4. Since the iPhone is too expensive, I can settle for an iTouch :-)

5. Here's my first none Apple gadget: a Sony Cybershot camera. I haven't really decided which model, but I like the one with a stylus. I don't know if it has anything to do with it, but my friend Summer's camera is a Cybershot and her Davao pictures were so beautiful! Maybe it's the smile shutter feature or what not, or maybe it was her artistic eye, but whatever it is, her pictures were great. Maybe it was a confluence of factors hehe! Even though I love my Olympus underwater camera, a Sony Cybershot is still a Sony Cybershot. Plus it comes in red :-) Downside is it's not waterproof, which is why I chose Olympus when I got a camera earlier this year.

6. Wii Fitness. This summer my brothers brought home a Wii from the States. I've enjoyed the Wii Sports a lot, especially the tennis game, but I think the Wii fitness would be a great way to lose weight...again. Haha. I remember when I first tried to get in shape, I used the Dance, Dance Revolution game of the Playstation, the one with a dance pad. My challenge then was to get the Butterfly song perfect!

7. A wireless phone for my room :-) A good, decent one for that matter. As basic as it is, I would love to have one even though I don't use the phone so much because the one I have right now is so frustratingly inaudible!

8. A digital reader. I saw this recently on the news and it seems to be a great gadget. It holds .pdf files and has a great memory. Although I don't see myself using this for reading journal articles hehe.

9. A flatscreen, digital LCD television. For all couch potatoes, this is self-explanatory :-)

10. A Sony HD digital video camera, those being featured in the Amazing Race Asia. So small, compact and powerful. I've never had a video cam before, and this would absolutely be a winner. To be fair, my digital cam can take videos as well.

11. I don't know if one of these gadgets actually exist as of now, but my dream gadget is a voice recorder that automatically transfers audio files to a computer, not only as .wav or .mp3 file, but transcribed into a .txt or .doc file!

12. A magic wand. Well, I can't think of anything else, but I bet there are so many more gadgets out there that I would love. So the magic wand will allow me to conjure these up!

What about you, what's on your gadget wish list? to continue reading...

October 3, 2008

Teacher is Getting Old.

Today I felt so old.

I guess for the most part, I don’t feel all of my twenty-nine years…I don’t even dress the part most of the time! I still watch the Disney Channel, I like lollipops and still have a penchant for the Super Mario video game. Today, however, I realized, I am indeed almost 30.

What led to this realization?

Well, for one I had to run up and down six flights of stairs today, twice, in order to settle my classroom mix-up. I used to be able to do that without getting winded, but today, I could barely breathe!!!

To be fair, today wasn’t the first time I said I was getting old. When I’m with my preschoolers, I am starting to find it difficult to keep up, especially during Music and Movement. Running after a bunch of toddlers is not as easy as it used to be!

What took the cake was when I decided to show the film Dangerous Minds (with Michelle Pfiffer) to my college students today. None of them had heard about it! It was such a big hit back when in the day! Then I realized it first came out when I was still in high school. And yes, that wasn’t just yesterday.

As I watched the movie with the students, I couldn’t help but cringe at the fashion and laugh at what we once thought was cool. It also occurred to me how far technology has gone in the past 12 years. There was a scene where a student was carrying a boom box and dancing in the streets with his pants hanging lowly the way the hip-hoppers of my time used to. One girl even pulled out a camera…yup, the black, square ones that you have to peer through to take photos. Even the cinematography was so much different!

What struck me most, however, was how different teaching has become in the past twelve years. I suppose I see this first hand in the classes I teach, but seeing it for myself solidified my assertions that the learning process is different now from the, both in good and bad ways. Nowadays, as long as you have technology on your side, you can get the classes attention. Then, teaching was really a hands-on activity: you had to work hard to be creative, without the aid of technology. Research was different as well, as one needed to spend so much time in the library, as compared to today where everything is online.

One thing that remains, however, is that teaching is never for the money. It is, and always will be, for the love of the craft. to continue reading...

October 1, 2008

How Blogging Has Changed My Life

In the past few months, I seem to have gotten bitten by the blogging bug. Hard.

I started this blog way back in 2005, but never had the interest or attention to sustain the task. If you'd go through my archive, you'd see I started out like many other bloggers had: ranting, raving and just journalling online about the daily grind.

However, ever since my friend Janine got me involved in the blog world, I've discovered a whole new side of myself, and of others as well. Because of blogging, I've seen a change in the way I see things, and think about things around me too. I used to think blogging was all self-promotion and narcissism. I see now that blogging is a confluence of ideas, discussions and different POV's.

It's amazing how the world wide web, especially through these blogs, have made the world so much smaller. I learned that what happens in one end of the world affects other parts as well, much like ripples in a lake when you drop a stone in it.

On a personal level, I've learned to appreciate the value of patience and perseverance. Although I've always known these were essential traits in life, I always used to say patience is a virtue I can often live without. Not! Blogging reminds me of this. Especially since I am one of the few broadband hold-outs hehe.

I don't think anyone can deny how addicting and time-consuming blogging can get. I've had to exercise (or at least try to exercise) impulse control, self-regulation and the like in order to still be grounded with the real world (i.e. work. more work. and still more work. not to mention a darned thesis). As such, something I've had to learn is the art of self-control. Still working on this though!!!

Not withstanding blogging also has done a lot of "bad" for's made me hole up in my room until the wee hours of the morning,and it's made me a certified couch potato. Not to mention all the food reviews have made me on the look-out for all the yummyness!!!

In any case, good or bad, blogging has really changed my life. So, go blog! to continue reading...

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