March 19, 2010

Get some Gorgeousness from Earthlingorgeous :-)

Wanna win $100 and lots of fab prizes? I sure do! I'm glad I finally was able to sit down in front of my computer and work on my entry for Earth's 2nd Blogversary and Thanksgiving Treat!

I first met Earth in person last April 2009 after she had so graciously supported my Autism Awareness project which I had done for my birthday. I remember we met up in Jollibee in Farmer's Market so I could deliver to her the baller bands she pledged for. I met her daughter Tasha too for the first time then. It was because of my search for a project to support for my birthday that I came across her blog and became a regular visitor of it. Her post on being Angels for Autism has been one of the most influential posts for me, hence it's very close to my heart.

 Prior to that, she was just an online friend who I admired because of her fun and interesting posts and comments in Plurk, although at times she can be rather controversial! Little did I know that she'd end up as one of the blogger friends I always get to hang out with in various events and someone I can always rely on for support when it comes to blogging.

I always enjoy reading her rants and raves about everything that happens to her, as well as the events she attends. What I'd like to see more of, perhaps, is more of how she deals with, copes and manages life as a mom to Tasha, as well as her continued journey through parenting a child with autism.

The Earthlingorgeous Blogversary and Thanksgiving treat contest is sponsored and supported by the following:

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and also the blogging community, namely:

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Both the main and the side CONTEST DEADLINE is on MARCH 21, 2010, Sunday! to continue reading...

March 18, 2010

I care about eye care.

A former professor of mine used to play a game of forced choices with us. He'd ask us two equally difficult or improbable options to choose from and he'd say that we just had to pick one --- no explanations, no rationalizations, just choose. I used to hate that game, mainly because I don't like making quick choices, except of course when it comes to shopping.

Anyway, a few days ago I read an article about glaucoma which was written by a blogger friend of mine and it got me to thinking about forced choices. If you were to lose one of your five senses, what would it be? I guess up to now I can't really decide and I pray with all my heart I never have to know what that's like but it made me more aware of the importance of  eye care because as a blogger and a more visually oriented person, losing my sight is probably the worst thing ever. In her article, Doc Joanna talked about ways to avoid glaucoma and the importance of having yearly checks to be able to prevent or treat possible eye diseases. While I am still relatively young (okay, despite being in my 30's) I will start making sure I have the right eye wear especially since I love being under the sun. As per the article, sun exposure can be a factor in damaging the eyes too. Also, since I'm always in front of the computer, I will make it a point to rest my eyes every hour to avoid damaging I said...I care about eye care! to continue reading...

Summertime is here!!!

It's official: summer is here!!! Teacher is on break for the next few weeks (until summer classes start, that is) so hopefully I can catch up on blogging and update my too many sites hehe! Much as I love blogging and enjoy writing a lot, my offline work has to take precedence over blogging a lot of times :-( not complaining though. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can learn how to juggle it better so I can have a better work-life-blog balance.

In any case, let me invite you to check out my other blogs:

Teacher Ria's
My food blog
Ironically, my blog about dieting
and my mixed bag review blog

did I forget anything else? to continue reading...

March 10, 2010

Moving in New Directions

It's been almost a year since I explored the world of self-hosted blogging and creating niches for my sites. Since then, I have seen my life go in so many new directions, sometimes it's hard to keep up. I went from being a typical schoolteacher to a pseudo-media practitioner (I call it pseudo because I've only gotten my toes wet in this new direction, I haven't really fully submerged myself in to it), and for the most part, I've loved every minute of it. It goes way beyond the perks of attending events, but I love how by going in this new path, my world has really opened up.

I'd like to think my adventure has also influenced the people I work with in my offline life. Since I've shared about what I do online, my colleagues, for example, have started to recognize the potential of blogging and social media in our clinical practice. Currently, I am trying to figure out how to manage our company site, and being the newbie that I still am, I'm still having difficulty learning the ropes. One thing I am exploring now is a good business web hosting plan, especially since I think that our needs may exceed a personal blogger's needs, but these are all just ideas so far. I still have to orient myself with the terms and codes that still confuse me every now and then! to continue reading...

Bubba's Visit to the Vet

Yesterday, I was alarmed when my brother called me and said "napilay ata si Bubba" (I think Bubba sprained his foot). I was so worried that I drove home as fast as I could. When I got home, he limped carefully towards the gate (although still as joyously as he usually does!). I saw he was holding up his left paw and couldn't bear much weight on it. He wouldn't let me touch it to check, so I believe it must have been hurting him a lot. I was so worried about him all night and to top it off, there was a brownout for over two and a half hours from 11 pm till about 1:30 am. I had to keep on fanning him because he was so uncomfortable and I could hear him breathing heavily the whole time.

Incidentally, he was really scheduled to go to the vet today for his annual anti-rabies shots. So not only did the vet check his paw, he also got his 7-in-1 vaccinations (against Parvovirus, Canine Distemper, etc.) and heartworm prevention shots updated. I spent P1,600 to get all of this done, and although it was a blow to the pocket, I think the protection it gives him (and people around him) is worth the expense.

Going back to his foot, however, the doctor really couldn't find anything wrong. There's no fracture or visible wounds, so his suspicion is either someone may have stepped on his foot, he could have had the dog door shut on his toe or he could have stepped on something hot while taking his morning walk. I was advised to just keep the area clean and to observe for the meantime.

Thanks so much to all my blogger and plurk friends who offered words of comfort and support to me last night as I worried myself sick over my little Bugoy :-) to continue reading...

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