October 7, 2009

My Choice? I WANT SAGO!

If I were to think back to what really introduced me to my whole new world of blogging (as I'd like to call it) is an event I attended last year in Taste Asia. That's where I met one of my favorite bloggers: Jonel of LetsGoSago. Hindi ako sumisipsip ha!  Honestly, it is through the evolution of his blog that I got interested in making my blog a venue for my advocacies as well as using it for fun and games as well. What I like best about LetsGoSago is that I get to see so many new places and things with just a click of my mouse. Plus I get to go join in on some events too! Oh, and of course, I love Sago's contests too!

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Sago 10/07/2009 10:51:00 PM  

Haha! Nice pic! hang cute niyo dalawa!


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