October 20, 2009

Kitchen Classrooms

One of my favorite kitchen gadgets for use in my classroom is the oven toaster. It allows me to include the magic of cooking into any lesson I teach in class while providing enough room for my kid's safety. I like, too, how these gadgets can toast, roast and bake almost anything. During Valentine's day or Parents Day, the kids love whipping up a batch of cookies that they can easily decorate and take home as presents. Besides the fun the kids get from baking, what I like best about using the kitchen in class is the unique lessons they get from it. From concepts like hot and cold, safety rules and basic math skills, these are practical learning experiences that the kids get, all because of a simple kitchen gadget.

Of course we only have the basic, cheap kind of toaster but if I had the opportunity, it would be nice to invest in one of those large and multi-use toasters, such as a halogen toaster oven which will allow us to finish tasks faster. Sometimes some of the kids get frustrated because our toaster is so small we can only fit in a few cookies at a time. Hopefully by this Christmas our directress agrees to getting some new stuff for school...or perhaps Santa would be nice enough to drop some off for us!!!

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