October 15, 2009

My Commitment for Change this Blog Action Day.

Just an hour ago I had lunch. It came from a styrofoam box. Yup, I did it again. I drove another nail into the coffin called Our Green Earth.

Admittedly, buying my lunch from the carinderia (food stall) outside campus is so much easier than carrying a reusable container.

The issue of Climate Change was never in the list of my priorities before. I don't know why but I just never thought much of the issue. If I were to think about why, I suppose it would be because I always assumed someone else will take care of it for me. I also used to rationalize climate change as simple side effect of progress.

I did not intend to make a Blog Action Day post here in my personal blog (I initially only registered my advocacy blog) but as I wrote that post, I realized that I really do have to be an example for the kids I teach. How can I be a role model if I don't make actual changes to my behaviors as well, right? So I sat and thought about it, and as I threw my styro box away I whispered an apology to Mother Earth and made a commitment for change.

Here are my 5 Personal Steps to a Greener Earth:

1. I will not leave my television on when I go to bed. I have a bad habit of needing to hear the sounds of the TV while trying to fall asleep. I often forget to press the sleep button on my remote and starting today, I will not forget to do so anymore.

2. I will bring a reusable container to school everyday. Yes, I will ask Ate Ems to put my food there instead of her styro!

3. I will bring my reusable bag to the grocery all the time! In fact, as soon as I unload groceries, I will have the bag placed in my car already so that there is no excuse for forgetting. I wonder if it would be possible, however, to ask the bagger to just place the items on the cart after check-out? That way I don't get the plastic bag anymore. After all, sometimes not all the stuff I get in the grocery fits in the bag.

4. I will dispose of old gadgets appropriately. In the past, I have thrown away phone chargers, CD players and the like, just in the dumpster. Now, I will try to find a disposal center for it. I know some malls have those e-garbage dumpsters, as does the school I teach in.

5. I will plan my trips more efficiently. Given the nature of my job, it is difficult to not drive to work. However, I am committing to being more purposive in planning my schedule so I don't waste time going back and forth thus lessening my consumption of gas. Also, I'll take extra steps to ensure my car is in tip-top shape so it doesn't use up more energy than necessary.

With these steps I hope I can start becoming a caretaker of our earth as well. I think it is about time for me to stop taking and taking from Mother Nature. While giving back may be minimal, I think honoring and caring for what is given is essential.

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