October 18, 2009

Safety in this Dangerous Times.

As I write this, I am keeping tabs on breaking news on a robbery at Greenbelt 5, one of the poshest and trendiest shopping malls in the metro. At the same time, I am reading Plurks from a contact that her home was broken into last night. Yesterday, another Plurk contact experienced the same thing. It is scary! Lately I catch myself checking and double checking and even triple checking the locks at home because of how frightening crime is getting nowadays. Can you imagine, armed robbery in a shopping mall in broad daylight? My gosh...what is going on?!?

I think more than just beefing up home security we also have to be more aware of things in our community. It is true that partly to blame for the rise in criminal behavior is the downspiraling value of our money in the face of steep prices in the market. Given this, we need to make it a collaborative effort to keep ourselves safe. Nowadays living in a gated community is no longer an assurance that you are exempt from break-ins and robbery. Nowadays I am being more vigilant about the goings-on around me and I will no longer just stand passively when I see something out of the ordinary. Call in hypervigilance, but I'll call it being safe. Oh, and I won't leave Bubba out in the garden too much when I'm gone. I heard from that friend that her dog was poisoned by the robbers. I think if he's on the inside, no matter how much they try to bribe him with food that is poisoned, all they'll end up doing is getting him to bark noisily which hopefully can catch the attention of our neighborhood watch.

Let's all be safe, People. May God watch over us all.

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