October 7, 2009

Shopaholic Needs New Clothes.

I have to admit it: I can't fit in to most of my clothes anymore. Yup....this is me acknowledging defeat for now in my weight battle. I remember how exciting it was to go shopping for new clothes when I first lost a LOT of weight. It was such an exciting experience! However, now it is frustrating and disappointing. To be fair, I'm glad to see how differently clothes are now sized, as compared to before. It seems finally, manufacturers have realized that one size fits all is not always true!

However, one thing that still is exciting to shop for is shoes! Like most girls, a shoe binge in any store is like therapy to me. Now that its more rainy and cool, I think I'll invest in a good pair of boots soon. Maybe I can even get some scarves and stockings or tights to add to my diminishing wardrobe. The only thing that frustrates me when it comes to shoe shopping, however, is having to ask for my size all the time. I wish my feet were a little smaller so I can fit the display sizes.

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