October 25, 2009

The Ugly Truth.

Yes...this is why I'm single!!! I guess the Ugly Truth made me realize that. I think it's because growing up, most girls are made to believe in the fairy-tale romance. In the movie, though it did have a relatively fairy tale ending, was an eye-opening, hilarious look on the complex relationship called love. Suffice it to say: it made the concept of love, falling in love and being in love seem more real, yet fun. While watching the movie, I remembered words from a guy I used to go out with ring in my head. When he told these to me years ago, I dismissed it as him being insensitive and a coward but seeing it played out on the big screen made me realize that he was being real (but still insensitive I suppose, haha!)

Seriously, though, I have watched so many movies this year but this has got to be one of my favorites so far!!!

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