April 25, 2010

Summer Swimsuit Giveaway!!!

I think if you've been reading my blogs for sometime now that you'll know how much I love the beach, right? There's just something about being in the beach that makes me so happy :-) Believe it or not, however, one of my most constant beach companions is my mom. Yup, my mom :-) We love just laying out in the sun and getting a tan. We try to make sure, however, that we are protected with sunblock.

One reason I am joining Pinay Mommy Online's latest contest, the Summer Swimsuit Giveaway is because I want to give my mom a new swimsuit for our next trip. She's the type of person kasi to wear the same swimsuit all the time until she wears it out. I want her to have this suit: 

this was my favorite suit from HameGame, a swimsuit online store in the Philippines

I definitely won't fit in to it, but I'm sure she would look good in it!

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