April 12, 2010

See you at the iBlog Summit!

Time does really fly fast, doesn't it? In the last year, my blog has grown to become BLOGS, my motivations and purposes for blogging have changed, and my perception about online media have definitely broadened. Add to this the fact that because of my blogging activities, I have enriched myself in so many ways.

Just around this time last year, I attended my first ever iBlog convention/summit. I was a newbie blogger then and I didn't have much friends from the blogger community. This Friday, I am looking forward to attending the iBlog 6 which will be held again at the UP Malcolm Theater. This year, I feel more comfortable in my interaction with fellow bloggers and I now have more confidence in sharing my ideas and my blogs with them. I'm really looking forward to what this year's iBlog will bring. Hope to see you then!

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