April 12, 2010

Summer Math Programs

In the school I teach in, we have an overflow of students who come in for Reading and Math help during the summer. I think it's their way of trying to make sure their kids are ready for the next school year. However, with the stifling heat and terrible weather we are experiencing, I wish I can just become an Online Tutor! This way I can meet my students without having to leave home.

Given that Math is not my preferred subject, will limit my Free Online Tutoring to other subjects, if it does happen. I definitely wouldn't make much of a Math Tutor, given the fact that I am not a very good Math Problem Solver! However, there are many sites available that are currently offering Online Math Tutor services.

Some parents may have qualms about getting Math Tutors Online, however. Some may be apprehensive about the kind of interaction their kids will get without the face to face interaction of a teacher. Studies show, however, that interactions online are very much like interactions offline. The bonus about online tutoring, however, is that it may end up being more cost-effective and convenient. Hmmm....this is really making me contemplate the idea of taking my teaching online!

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