April 25, 2010

Finding Options for Grocery Woes

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Today I went to the grocery to stock up on stuff for the house and was appalled by how much my total bill was. It was over P 5,000, which is roughly about $115. I didn't really get much that was different from usual, which made me think why my bill keeps getting higher. When I got home, I checked out my stash and I realized one thing: I tend to be too stuck on the same brand all the time, even when there are other brands, including store brands that are on sale or sold at much lower prices.I think this really just proves to me how I tend to be an unwise consumer. I do admit I get sold by advertisements and good packaging.

As I read through the information from the Recession, Recovery & Store Brands consumer report, I was made aware of how much I can actually save by looking more into store brands. In fact, the report showed that about 49% of consumers felt that store brand products compare quite favorably against branded products. About four out of ten consumers have also shifted to the less expensive store brands such as Parent's Choice instead of continuing patronage to national brands. While some may feel more confidence in the branded product, studies show that store brands also have as good a quality as these products, very much like generic medication and the like. It really just needs more scrutiny and wiser decision making.

Next time I go to the market, I will try to be a better consumer. After all, my money will only go as far as I let it, right?

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