January 11, 2010

Workless Wednesdays.

Starting this week, I am officially jobless on Wednesdays. Well, to be fair, I do not consider my preschool class as "work" because it's definitely more of my passion compared to something I do for a living. Sure it helps augment my income, but it's all relative to me. So since I need to find a way to finance my luho's or extravagances. So I decided to check the Classified Ads. Initially I thought about going to the news stand and getting a copy of the Manila Bulletin or one of those papers that list not only corporate jobs but even more service oriented type of jobs. Then it hit me: why not go online?

As I browsed the site, I noticed a lot of ads by teachers and private tutors. I think that could be something I can explore. Lessons are definitely up my sleeve, after all, I do teach preschool and college, right? Other than tutorials, I can even teach cooking, arts and crafts or creative writing for kids. However, as I scrolled down futher, something caught my eye: How to Start and Operate a Bakery.

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 As many of my blogger friends know, I've have a home-based baking business. Perhaps since I am workless on Wednesdays, I can do this on the side. What do you think? Unfortunately, the seminar is scheduled for Saturday, January 16 and I am not available to attend this. Maybe some other time!

While I initially aimed to browse only job opportunities on the OLX Classified Ads, I couldn't help but unleash the inner shopaholic in me. Ooooohhhh.....Games, gadgets and toys galore! The upside to shopping online is that I think twice before purchasing something, as compared to in reality where I find myself in the checkout counter before I know it. To be fair, shopping online is also very easy because most sellers allow for PayPal, Bank Deposit and similar payment methods.

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Hotchiqqa 1/11/2010 10:37:00 PM  

Yey to a pastry business :)If i was there, definitely, Jam and I are your biggest fans. (literal na big.. haha for ordering too much. :p)

theworkingmom 1/12/2010 01:39:00 AM  

I'd say GO FOR IT!


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