January 30, 2010

Only in the Philippines.

Every day as I drive home, I see countless campaign streamers from those promising change to those that claim they have a solution to the ills of our nation. However, every time I see these ads, I think to myself, only in the Philippines.

It still baffles me how our political system works. Okay, granted I am not one who really gets deeply ingrained in the system, but I still find it amazing how people in power can stay in power almost forever. It's interesting to see how even those convicted of crimes are able to still be part of the political system. What's sad about our political system, I think, is that despite the fact that many want to make a difference, the deeply rooted problems of graft and corruption are still overpowering.

At the end of the day, I guess the one thing I can do in hopefully making a change is by empowering myself and arming myself with information, especially now that the elections are coming up. I haven't really made a solid decision as to who to support and why I would support them, but for now, I will explore the options and make sure I don't make my vote go to waste.

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