January 15, 2010


Being a teacher, I often get requests for various tutorial services, especially from parents of my former preschool students. When they were younger and still in grade school, I gladly helped them out with their homeworks and reviewing for examinations. Math homework, however, was always a challenge. I remember how one time I really drew a blank when working with one of my middleschoolers' math assignments. And yes, we were just dealing with fractions. So now that one of my first ever students is almost graduating from high school, I had to finally admit that I can no longer help her with her studies. Solve calculus, advanced algebra and geometry? Me? Hah!

While the family is trying to find a suitable Calculus tutor and a replacement for me, I suggested she try finding free math tutoring online so she can cope up with her lessons, especially since we are late into the school year already. Finding Calculus help and free math tutoring is now just a click away after all. As I was telling my student, she's lucky she lives in a highly technological day and age where finding free math homework help is so much easier.

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