January 19, 2010

It's A Boy...and a Girl!

I got the most exciting news from one of  my best friend Kai.....she and her hubby are finally expecting! And yes...they're having twins!!! I am so happy for her, the only downside to her whole pregnancy and upcoming motherhood is the fact that she is doing it all the way in Florida. Hopefully I get to see more than just pictures of the babies when they come. Unlike most best friends, Kai and I can't go shopping for baby stuff together because of the fact that we live so far apart. However, we get to browse online and check out stuff she would need for their arrival. I definitely would not be around for her baby shower, but if I were, I would probably get her the strollers she would need for the babies as a baby shower gift. I like the fact that this would be a gift that grows along with the kids as they could use this for at least the first year of their lives right?

But again, given our limitations, we just exchange links and communicate online as much as we can.  In as much as I can, I try to help her out with researching about products, techniques, and the like that would really help make welcoming the twins easier for her. Since she and her hubby are quite active people, I suggested to her she check out those double strollers that are designed for jogging or running. I honestly would never have thought of that on my own, but as I browsed a websites of strollers I came across how these strollers are designed for the fitness conscious parent. Not only is the stroller streamlined and designed to accommodate the parents, it also has a suspension system that acts like a shock absorber so that the babies are snug and comfy. Cool huh? And all this time all I really thought of was the importance of choosing good umbrella strollers, especially since we all know the importance of protecting our skin from the sun's harmful rays. While she may not need the stroller right away, I guess it wouldn't hurt to canvass for the best option as early as now right?

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