October 17, 2009

I've Got a Feeling....

That this week's gonna be a good, good week....

And I was right! Let me back track a bit...last weekend, I read several Plurks about upcoming contests online. Two of them caught my fancy: one was an Ovi sponsored photo contest featuring "Food you eat in secret"and the other was sponsored by which offered a grand prize of a trip for two to Hong Kong. I excitedly thought about my entries.

For the photo contest, I immediately knew what it would be about. I had an inkling I'd win, mainly because my entry was really so weird (you can check it out at, but I will post about it in my food blog in the coming days too). So when I got the confirmation that I won, it was great!

The second, I have to admit, ended up being an almost-last-minute submission because I've been super, super busy at work. This one, I crossed my fingers hard that I would win, but I didn't think I would. I was right again...kinda. I did win a set of Yummy books. While it's not Hong Kong, it definitely is a thrill to see my hard work pay off!! I'm so excited to see what these books are! Will post photos when they come :-)

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