September 1, 2009

My Almost Globe Tattoo.

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I came within a hairs-breath of coming home with this on my lower back last Saturday, but I gladly settled for this:

Let me back track a bit: It started with a dare. I received an email invitation that asked if I was up for an exclusive bloggers challenge. Curious about the lack of information and very provocative words, I quickly signed up and waited for Saturday to arrive.

Along with many of my blogger friends, we were whisked from the swanky M Café in Greenbelt to the rocking Handle Bar. Yes, it was getting curiouser and curiouser. Before boarding the vans, we were dared to hop on a Harley. Backtracking a bit: the invitation said "dress to impress". On the way to the bar, we passed by a tattoo parlor. I blurted out: If there's a dare for anyone to get a tattoo, I'm in! Lo and behold, not long after that we were dared to get a tat! I wished I got it!

The event was sponsored by Globe as they introduced us bloggers to the Globe Tattoo YOUniverse. Admittedly, it's been forever since I was last a Globe subscriber but I was impressed with the new services and products launched.

First is the Globe Tattoo Sim Card. This new prepaid card comes in four eye-catchy designs and retails for Php 40.00. With this you can send SMS and you can access broadband internet service for Php 5.00 for 15 minutes.

A new service that may be of interest to many is the new Globe ImmortalTXT. This seems to be a good option to individuals who do not text that heavily. With only ten pesos, you can have 50 texts to Globe/TM plus 10 texts to other networks. What makes it different is that unlike the other services offered, this one has no expiry. This should be a welcome relief to those who often find their loads vanishing into thin air.

The exciting one to look forward to is the Globe Tattoo Website which is scheduled to launch anytime this week. With its widget based interface, it brings a new twist to social networking and connectivity...truly with Globe you can be connected 24ever!

I will be trying out this new sim in a few days (still working out the cellphone situation....sim locked kasi with other networks hehehe). I plan to use this as an alternative number which I will give out to my students this coming term. Since I don't plan to text them a lot, I figured the ImmortalTXT will be a good deal for me.

Have you tried the ImmortalTXT? Do let me know what you think :-)

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babychloe21 10/23/2009 09:00:00 AM  

i haven't tried this yet because i am still on my iphone 3Gs plan with Globe. my friend said this immortaltxt is excellent and it really stays immortal as long as you won't check your balance.

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