August 27, 2009

Surf's Up!

So I did brave those waves and while it was surf's up...I was not up!!! I ended up in this position mostly harharhar! Nontheless, I still had tons of fun.

I learned a lot during Sago's Surfing Trip, and this does not only have something to do with surfing.

For one, I learned to go on a trip without my usual bunch of friends, something that an introvert (yes, I'm an introvert, shy type pa, kahit hindi obvious!) like me has difficulty doing. I shared the room with fellow blogger Cher, opting for twin sharing over a larger group kasi nga shy ako!

I also learned to play things by ear, which was due to the fact that we rode a jeepney going to Halo Halo de Iloko even if none of us knew exactly where it was. I don't usually do that! I am the type who has to know where and what to expect so riding a jeep and not knowing exactly where we were going was anxiety provoking.

I also learned to let down my guard a bit. I mean, it takes a lot for someone my size to feel comfortable revealing herself in front of a bunch of strangers, right? But I was able to let that go! I even was able to join in on a jump shot...something I've never done as carefree-ly before :-)

While I may not really have learned to surf, I definitely took home much more than that. Plus of course, thanks to the many sponsors, a whole lot of loot! I even won a necklace from Bico Australia.

The event was presented by the following:

Philippine Dept. of Tourism and Bico Australia

And also the following sponsors:

Starbucks Coffee (I loved the cap and lanyard I won :-) )
VMV Skin Research Centre + Clinics

Media Partners
Qtube of QTV (Official TV Media Partner)
Men’s Health & Women’s Health Magazine (Official Print Media Partner)
Web.Com.Ph (Official Web Hosting Partner) (Official Online Media Partner)
CreatiVoices (Official Podcast Partner)

with the support of:
Travel Factor

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