August 3, 2009

Taking Care of Lola.

In the last few years, my lola's (grandmother's) Alzheimers has steadily progressed. At this point in time, she is already almost completely bed-ridden and has a stomach tube feeding her. Caring for her stirs up a whole gamut of emotions, from sadness to frustration, to anger and fear. Understanding dementia often is very difficult, even for someone like me with a psychology background. Watching her decline has been tough and exhausting, but now that we know the dementia symptoms better, its gotted somewhat easier, albeit still as emotionally charged.

What really helps the family cope with dealing with lola's condition now is the availability of information about Alzheimers and how to cope with it. Although there is no cure for Alzheimers and dementia, there are a lot of dementia treatment options, especially in the early stages. Keeping track of symptoms, understanding the progression of the disease and arming yourself with knowledge is definitely key in making the transition from frustration to acceptance much smoother.

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