August 2, 2009

SM Mall Just Keeps Getting Better and Better!!!

When I was younger, SM Southmall was my mall destination. It was one of the closer malls to me and it was right across my car's service center, so every time I'd have my car done, I'd have a place to hang out in. I remember how I used to take my little brother to Storyland here. He was just about two years old or so then. However, since I started working, things have changed and so the malls I frequent have differed as well.

Today, I drove back the familiar route to SM Southmall in Las Pinas and was amazed by the changes the mall has taken. In the south parking area, where a mailing station used to be, if I'm not mistaken, is a Starbucks. Feeling tourista tuloy ako. I'm glad that Southmall has taken the plunge into cyberspace like many of its other SM counterparts. Finally, one near my home!

Aside from the row of restaurants that wasn't there before, now SM Southmall is Wifi Enabled. Yes! Completely Wifi enabled! Today, August 2, 2009, SM Southmall gets HOT on the SPOT! I'm here checking it out. So far so good :-) In fact, earlier while walking around I was plurking with my Nokia E63 and even while inside different shops, I did not lose my connection. Hmmm....I wonder if I'll get a signal in the bathroom hehe! That was one of the experiments I did when I attended the SM Marikina wifi testing event.

Being a blogger and an internet afficionado, having wifi access is definitely an important factor for me in choosing venues for meetings and even for simply lounging around, what more when I don't have to pay extra for it. I greatly appreciate how SM Malls, not just Southmall, provide services like this for it's customers. Also, there's free open parking! Coming to SM Southmall need not to cost extra. This is a big plus for us as we try to make the most of our money. I mean, when I go to other malls, I spend about 45 pesos on parking. Then if I go online, I use up my phone credits or have to buy an internet card. Given this, maybe my trips to Southmall may just be a little more frequent. Come to think of it, I can do my groceries here and surf at the same time!

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