September 19, 2009

Online Safety.

Recently, I was interviewed for a local television show about stalking. In the Philippines, stalking may not be as scary and as big of a problem as in other countries but it still is a concern for many individuals. Given today's modern technology, another form of stalking that has emerged and has actually caused a lot of problems with my friends is cyber stalking. Even kids in the school I teach have fallen victim to some form of stalking or bullying online. This also seems to open up the avenue for identity theft as well.

At this time, especially here, there is little we can do to safeguard ourselves from stalkers online. Some social networking sites have means of protection, but blogs, for example, may have less protection. If there is one thing I can do, however, is to Track IP addresses of those who leave scary or inappropriate comments in my blog. This way I can ensure that predators are not on my site. Also, by tracking these addresses I have the capacity to block these unwanted voyeurs and spies on my sites.

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