September 21, 2009

Pet Vacations.

One thing that keeps me from going on vacations is the fact that there are very few places I can take my Bubba to. There are days when I'd like to check into a hotel and just relax but when I remember that he can't come along, I decide not to. Lucky for us, I discovered one place that allows me to take him with me: Balai sa Laiya. I love the fact that he is welcome there. So as not to wear out that welcome, I make sure to bring along my trusty scooper for his poop. The staff are also quite nice to him!

I first discovered Balai two years ago when I was going through a rough patch in my life and needed to get away. I had heard that Laiya was a nice beach within two and a half hours of the city. I Goggled "Laiya" and found lots of resorts in that area. However, because Balai had the easiest map for me to follow, I decided to give it a try. The first trip I took was on my own. Since then, I have returned to Balai many times. It became even more a favorite when I found out Bubba could come along. I'd like to believe he enjoys the beach as much as I do, despite our traumatic first experience hehe. The first time we went he cut up his feet so badly climbing up some rocks. Now I know better and have gotten him a pair of dog shoes to protect his feet. I can't wait till October so we can take our trip to Balai once again.

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