September 19, 2009

Safe Home Improvement.

Growing up in a family of DIY people, I have always been around a lot of construction sites and renovation equipment. They seem to love buying old and dilapidated homes then they fix it up and sell it for a profit. It's more than just a business, I think. For me, it seems the family really enjoys making something beautiful out of something that was previously trashed up. Even more than that, they love doing things themselves. From spackling walls and changing fixtures, they have done it all. However, I seem to be not one of them. I get extremely freaked out with all the noise and dirt that are around. The only thing I enjoy with the whole construction biz is the fact that I get to use a lot of their scraps for arts and crafts!

I remember one time I was so frightened when one of the equipment they were using exploded. Nobody got hurt, but it sure was scary. It's a good thing my uncle, who is based in the US, helped secure some explosion proof ventilation fans and other safety equipment. This makes me feel better about the safety of my family as they work in the construction sites. As for me, I'd rather just sit and handle the books, if that's okay with them!

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