September 21, 2009

An End to Prank Callers.

When I was younger, my cousins and I found it amusing to play prank calls on random people. Now that I am an adult, I realize how annoying it can be for the person being called. We also used to play a game we called "ring and run". We'd ring doorbells in the neighborhood then run as fast as we can so as not to get caught. I'm sure we would have gotten in a lot of trouble had we been found out.

Today, it is so much easier to catch pranksters. Homeowners and businesses can now easily Trace Phone Numbers. This can help them get a hold of the prank caller and perhaps report them to their parents or to the authorities. Compared also to the traditional phone book or yellow pages, having a site like this makes looking up numbers easy because with just a click of the mouse, it's all there! Can you imagine having to scour your yellow pages for a number?!?

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blue stripes 9/22/2009 03:31:00 PM  

it was fun though (",)

who never tried prank calls?
like asking the receiver if their water/power meter is running and if they say yes, you'll scold them telling they have to run after it or else they'll loose it :P

that "ring and run" is another classic, my brother and i love walking around the neighborhood and as always we end up so tired and would wish to be home in an instant. to get that adrenaline my brother and i would alternately ring those doorbells; sometimes we even have to use a stick to reach for the button and sometimes we have to endure those yelling or being chased by dogs :D

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