September 21, 2009

Bling it On.

Last August, I attended a surfing event and won a nice necklace from one of it's sponsors. Unfortunately, it was for men. I was slightly disappointed because I had no use for it, and I had thought my brothers (who are the only men in my life at the moment!) would not be interested at all in it. However, when I showed it to them, they quickly asked for it. I had no idea that urban jewelry was their thing nowadays. One of them even proceeded to tell me that what he wanted for Christmas was to get his ears pierced.

Personally, I never really liked jewelry in men, especially big chunky ones. The only piece of bling that I found suitable for men were watches. I think it's because I used to associate them only with gangsters and the like. However, as I observed a lot of the musicians and personalities in media, I think I was proven wrong. Perhaps I may not yet readily embrace hip hop watches, sparkly diamond studded pendants and men's bling watches at this point in time, I suppose they're not as bad as I thought they were. In fact, as I tried to look around the web for some, I was pleasantly surprised that they are tasteful and to some extent, they can actually be classy. In fact, I would actually consider giving jewelry to my brothers for Christmas. I think they even would look good for men in the workplace! Apparently, my assumption that hip hop and urban jewelry were too gangsta is way wrong!!!

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