September 29, 2009

Homes Vs. Mother Nature.

This weekend the Philippines witnessed the wrath of Mother Nature. The powerful the typhoon that hit the metro, many are left homeless. As technology has changed, so have the way we have lived our lives. On a personal level, I never imagined that homes of today would lose a battle against the forces of nature, what with
fireproof walls and insulation, waterproof safes for important documents and gadget, and even good pest or subterranean termite control.However, I realized we are no battle for a deluge like what has happened over the weekend, especially given the reality of climate change. In a perfect world, we would not have tragedies like these. But like I said, that would be a perfect world. At this point, one lesson I learned over this tragedy is how important it is to be prepared. As of this writing I am trying to gather things to donate and find ways to support my less-fortunate countrymen.However, as soon as I have the time, I will prepare an emergency disaster kit for my home and in my car.

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