June 5, 2009

Too Late a Hero.

On tonight's news, it was reported that Dr. Hayden Kho will be charged with abusing his victim, Katrina Halili. On one hand I am glad that there the problem of pornography and "sexting" is being addressed, but on the other, I can't help but be grossly disappointed by the whole system. Why? Because this problem has been existing for so long and they never did anything till now. Yes, they are indeed too late the hero.

It's so sad that the only reason this problem has gotten this much attention is only because of the personalities involved. Why, when it was the cases of unknown students and people, there was no senate or NBI investigation? This just goes to show how backward our justice system still is. Let me give credit where credit is due though: finally they are paying attention to the problem. Maybe with this redemption can be found.

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