June 6, 2009

The Gadget God's Secret.

Today the Gadget gods whispered something in my ear.

They said: no more excuses. Here, this should make your life a wee bit easier.

With that I held in my hands the tool to recording interviews for my thesis and a player to keep me company as I walk (soon jog) my way to fitness.

This is part of Philips Go Gear collection, a line of MP3 players that not only offers top notch sound quality, but also caters to the style gods and goddesses in us all. With a whole array of models to choose from, there definitely is one that suits your needs.
What makes the Go Gear collection a better buy compared to other similar products on the market? Well, for one, as was pointed out during the launch, Philips' quality and technology has been tried and tested. Plus their prices are now quite competitive!

For me, I've honestly never been a big music player fan. I am more of a TV type of person, but one thing I've been looking for honestly is a player that does voice recordings well and with a long battery life for recording interviews. My Ipod doesn't support that technology without an external gadget, so I had to buy a mic thingy that you plug into the bottom of the ipod. It drains the battery so quickly though. The Philips Go Gear Aria has a built in microphone that allows you to do voice recordings. It also says something about FM recordings, but I have to explore it further to see how it works. Also, you can watch videos and view pictures in it. It also has a text reader, so I assume you can read documents or what not with it. As I get to know the product better, do expect a better review on the features! For now, all I can say is thus far, I'm impressed.

Oh, and take a look at this cool gadget:

photo courtesy of Philips

This pretty little gadget is actually an MP3 player with a Bluetooth handset. It allows you to listen to your music then easily switch to pick up you calls on a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. Ummm...again don't ask me how...I was just drawn by its uber chicness!!!

Click here for more details :-)

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