June 4, 2009

Home Makeover in the Making

Lately I've been thinking about giving my house the makeover it deserves. From fixing the roof to a new paint job, and even perhaps new furniture and accessories, I think that this will give the house a more homey feel. Since I got a 10 day reprieve from work, I decided to browse for furniture online. I came across a site that featured a wide selection or bedroom, living room, dining room and even home office furniture. My favorites, perhaps, were the featured storage beds, as it's perfect for small rooms. Looking at the photos, the pieces looked very stylish and modern. I also liked how the site had lots of very detailed photos of the furniture in one page, so I did not have to go from one page to another, although the pictures were not that large. Nonetheless, the sites design is streamlined enough so you can immediately see all your options.

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