June 20, 2009

Fan My Classroom.

Since the A(H1N1) breakouts in various schools, some institutions have gone as far as avoiding the use of airconditioners in the classroom because of the fear of keeping the infected air circulating in the room. For the meantime, fans are being used. However, I think that the schools should consider ceiling fans instead of the usual wall fans or stand fans. Why? For two reasons: first it circulates air better and second, it is safer, especially for schools with really young kids. There's no way their fingers can get stuck in one of these types of fans right?

There are a lot of options for fans out there, from size to shape and even style! I think a modern fan company is not just concerned with quality but also with the aesthetic value of their products. Take for example these fanimation ceiling fans or these monte carlo ceiling fans! They have all sorts of different blades, such as rattan. One that I really like is that cute multicolored modern monte carlo one. Isn't it just perfect for a small preschool classroom?!?

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