June 20, 2009

On Stamp and Coin Collecting.

When I was younger, I used to collect stamps and all sorts of coins, be it local or foreign, silver or gold coins. Every weekend, my mom and I would trek to Recto to go buy gold coins and cute stamps to add to our collection.

It was a very interesting hobby, I must say. Besides that, my mom believed in unconventional ways of learning. This was her attempt in teaching me geography and history. On a recent trip to our old shopping grounds, we were saddened to see how there are not much shops left.

It's good though that nowadays, even items like these can be now bought over the internet. Cool huh? I'm not so sure how comfortable I'd be to buy gold over the internet, especially since I don't know how authentic the items will be, but as I browsed around, I saw guides and information about how to buy gold bullion and gold coins, as well as a history and background about these things.

Too bad Mom and I stopped working on our collection. Speaking of which...I wonder where it is...perhaps I could make a bundle selling them now!

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