June 17, 2009

Kids and Big Bags.

This week classes in most Metro Manila schools finally got going. I couldn't help but notice how every school year, the kids' bags seem to get bigger and bigger! I don't understand why they are required so many books and to top it off, they often don't even have lockers to leave their things at! As a result, they have to lug home these books to and from school everyday!

This is so bad for kids' health, don't you think? I think even if they are using those trolley bags, it still can be dangerous. I remember once in a school I was teaching in, one of the kids fell down the stairs because her bag was too heavy!

I remember back when I was in school, we used to have a small wood locker assigned to us. However, they were quite small, nothing like those wonderful school lockers we see on television shows such as Hannah Montana or 90210! Even though they were small, however, it was a big help as I could leave the non-essentials there after class. I think Philippine schools should invest in a locker for each child in their schools, especially since we know how bad carrying all these books and supplies are for kids.

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