June 8, 2009

Do you think your blog is influential?

YES! I'd like to believe a few of my blogs are influential! I'm particularly flattered that despite being only two months old, my site www.theaccidentalteacher has gotten the nod from many of the Bloggers I respect and look up to :-)

However, up to now I've been having difficulty choosing my top ten blogs. It seems I am in the same boat as my friend is at. Since she asked, here is my attempt at helping Earthlingorgeous find her top ten, and hopefully I get to finalize my top ten too!

So here it goes:
1. The Accidental Teacher - this is my attempt to be influential! Seriously, though, I honestly started this blog with the fervent hope of using my love for writing and fascination with blogging to bring awareness to causes and advocacies I believe in, as well as to help teachers and homeschooling parents through sharing my personal experiences.

2. Let's Go Sago - who doesn't know Sago right? But more than the entertaining blog, I deeply respect and admire the man behind the blog.

3. Style and Relax - I enjoy reading this blog because Lace always has fresh new ideas to offer her readers. I was even so enthralled by her niche I attempted to start a fashion blog for the plus sized person, but decided to leave the advice to the experts instead!

4. Patay Gutom - much as I was iffy about this site because of the name (yes, for a plus sized person like me any not-so-nice term pertaining to food and eating can be a bit uncomfortable!) I've seen it's influential power. What I like best about the blog is it's collaborative style of posting, which gives me different views from their different writers.

5. Pinay Ads - for info about the up and coming events and happenings in the metro :-)

this is my entry to Earthingorgeous' contest. Wanna join?!? My official top ten list will follow...soon I hope!!!

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earthlingorgeous 6/08/2009 03:32:00 PM  

Your entry is noted! Thanks for joining. I have some blogs in mind that you have not mentioned yet lol but I don't want to influence contestants nominees.

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