June 20, 2009

Pet Peeves of the Month.

This month I seem to have had so many in-your-face, piss-me-off moments. Argh!!!! I'm not saying I didn't have a good month though, it was very good, but for the most part, I got so stuck in traffic so many times that I got to thinking about my pet peeves...These pet peeves irk me a lot, but unlike before, it doesn't ruin my day as much as it used to. I'm blogging about it today for two reasons: one to rant and the second to be able to become more aware of what triggers this irritation, thus allowing me to be less ticked of by it.

So here goes:

My number one pet peeve for the month is people's disrespect on the road! I hate how people take up two lanes on the road while driving...then they'll swerve back and forth to what "seems" faster. Grrr. I think this irks me because I feel so disrespected by fellow motorists.

Speaking of taking two lanes, when parking, please stay within the lines! How hard is that?!? I hate how so many parking slots are wasted because some selfish driver doesn't make an effort to make space for others.

Lastly, I hate how people cut in to your lane by the tollgate or the skyway's like, hello, I lined up for so long, why can't you!!!

HAAAAYYYYY!!!! I try my hardest not to do those things, mainly because I know I don't like it when people do it to me. I hope one day more people will get that.

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