May 8, 2009

What Happens in Vegas...May Not Stay in Vegas!

Last year my mom and my siblings went to Las Vegas. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to come! I had to satisfy myself with pictures of their fabulous trip. I literally was green with envy when I saw the landmarks and attractions that are often seen in movies and tv that truly say "Las Vagas".

As I await the approval of my US visa, I am eagerly plotting out my own soon-to-be trip to sin city! I can barely wait to actually walk around the city made famous by CSI. However, I am not going to go there just for the sights. So as early as now I am browsing the internet to be able to plan the perfect itinerary. What would a trip to Las Vegas be without seeing a show, right? While planning, I came across a very interesting show by the Blue Man Group. It's an interesting concept! According to the write-up, it is an interactive show where audience participation with the blue spray painted men is key. Hmmm...getting curiouser and curiouser!!! I bet I've peaked your interest too, even in a small way! Should you be interested, you can check availability and book Blue Man Group Tickets as early as now. As soon as I get confirmation about my trip, I definitely will check that out! Let's see what happens then...and maybe when I get there what happens in Vegas, especially the shows I'll watch, may not stay in Vegas!

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