May 27, 2009

Teacher's Heart Aches.

In as much as we teachers try to say we don't play favorites, we can't help but have them. I personally don't see it possibly happening, not getting emotionally drawn to a special few, I mean. I just take it in as fact that it exists but I do my darndest to not let my emotions cloud my judgement. My heart aches today because I had to bid farewell to a sweet little girl who made my year back from semi-retirement an immense pleasure. Yes, she is one of those kids who found their way to a corner of my heart and burrowed themselves deep in it's recesses that it's taking a lot of effort to dig out of there.

To be honest, she was not one of those kids who I immediately enjoyed. At first, I couldn't see why the other teachers were so fond of her. Actually, she was somewhat of a challenge at first because she was so clingy to her nanny and she would not talk to me at all, not even to say hi to me when she'd come to school. But little by little, she began to adjust to me and before I knew it, she no longer cried for yaya. Given my hectic schedule, there were days when my partner in class had to take over and I'd be away but she'd always tell me 'Cara was asking about you today'. As cheesy as it may sound, she was definitely a bright ray of sunshine that warmed my heart in the last year.

In about two weeks, another school year will start, without my little miss sunshine, but with the bright promise that I'll have a new set of kids who will work their magic with me. But for now, I just have to stand back and say my heart aches.

and making this even more about me....days like these highlight feelings of sadness about not having my "someone" to whine and complain to....thank God for my blog!

and btw...grrrr...of all days to forget my camera at home.

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