May 1, 2009

Keeping Your Home Safe.

I used to resent how my lola (grandmother) used to nag me about making sure our doors at home were locked at night then after I do so, she would go and double-check. It used to make me feel like she did not trust me. At times, I'd feel that she thought I was incompetent. However, not too long ago, my cousin called me in the middle of the night saying they were victims of a home invasion. What's worse, it happened when he was at home with his wife and three young kids. This even though he and his wife are quite meticulous about locking up after themselves. From that time on, I became more appreciative of my grandmother's nagging. I became more aware of how to keep the house safe from these unlawful elements. Since I'm such an internet addict, I decided to look up more ways of being protected, especially given the high incidences of crime in the city. It seems that because of the poor economy and difficult times, people are resorting more and more to crime to make a quick buck. Anyway, I came across this Home Security Blog which gave a lot of ideas from low-cost security measures to tools, gadgets and equipment that can deter home invaders and keep your home safe. After reading a bit, I went out and checked on whether our home front door is vulnerable to burglars. Thankfully, my home passed the test! What about you? Are you safe at home?

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