May 7, 2009

If All The Raindrops.

Great. My roof is leaking.

Literally, seriously leaking. Just take a look. See those little lines running across the ceiling? Water is dripping from it! I almost slipped on the wet floor so I had to put a bucket/container to catch the water.

On the bright side, I suppose it's a good thing that despite it being summer, the rains have started to come. Because of it, I was able to find out that there's a leak on the roof. Can you imagine if this happened in the midst of the rainy/stormy season? Disaster! Now that I know the roof is leaking, I can go find a solution to it.

The thing is, when I brought it up to the people here at home (also known as my family) they said we should just go to the store and buy some sealant to patch up the roof. I said maybe it would be better to check out professional services like Huron Roofing just to be sure that our home is safe. Just the mere thought of the whole roof coming down because the wood had rots out because of the rains is frightening! I also worry since, as you see in the photo, there is a chandelier nearby. I may be no expert and I could be wrong, but I would assume there is some form of electrical connection somewhere there. And isn't water bad for that?

Now if only all the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops, then I wouldn't mind having a leaky roof!

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