May 3, 2009

Law to Order.

As a child I loved watching shows like LA Law. When I got older, I took a liking to shows like Ally McBeal, The Practice, Law and Order and Judging Amy. I preferred the more family or civil oriented law shows over the criminal ones, however, as it seemed more personal. Yes, I know it was scripted, but the cases always were interesting and captivating. Anyways, whatever type of law show it was, they gave me an idea of what the law is like and how one can fight for his or her rights, no matter how seemingly insignificant they may be to others. From simple property settlements to the value of a prenuptial agreement, even to getting and enforcing a restraining order, those television shows gave me a glimpse of the law in action. Further, it gave it a more laymans feel to it. Granted that these are just television shows, I can't help but wonder if firms like San Antonio Family-Law-Attorneys offer the same services the television counterpart does. I wonder too if the cases these firms handle are similar to the make-believe cases on television.

Hmmm...maybe its about time I should look into asking for legal advice as an alternative to ranting about my broadband problems. What do you think?

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jennai 5/03/2009 09:57:00 PM  

I loved courtroom drama. It's one of the reasons why I wanted to take up law before. But then reality set in and how some facet of our justice system here worked sidetracked me a bit...Still, The Practice and Ally McBeal worked for me even until now : )

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