May 17, 2009

Movie Night: Angels and Demons

One of the flicks I have been eagerly waiting for was Angels and Demons. Thanks to TV5 and Myk, I finally got to see it!

The set was captivating! I think I got a wee bit caught up in the magnanimity of the way Rome and the Vatican was recreated that all I could mutter under my breath was "oh my gosh...". I promised myself one day I would get to go see those places for myself.

Back tracking a bit, the story is an intense suspense thriller highlighting the divide between science and religion during one of the Roman Catholic Church's darkest moments. As the Church mourns the loss of the Holy Father, crisis strikes when just before the conclave convenes, the favored cardinals for succession of the papacy are kidnapped. The tension rises as the legendary Illuminati makes its dark forces known. Symbologist Robert Langdon is then called in to unravel the mystery.

I enjoyed the movie immensely! Thank you again to TV5 and to Myk for the special screening tickets!

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