November 25, 2009

"I Am Nicely! is Giving Away a Vintage Stylish Cellphone Mobile Design Watch Necklace on Her Birthday"

Woot! Another blog contest. I have to admit....nacha-challenge ako!!!  Hopefully this is the contest that breaks my online random drawer far all contests that have been drawn that way have been futile for me!

With that I would like to invite you to also participate in another blog contest that I am joining in celebration of Nicely Rom's birthday on December 7. It is so easy to join!

Here's the mechanics:

1. Copy and paste her entire post (including the necklace photo below) in your websites, blogs or facebook notes.
2. Kindly fill in the blank: All I wish for Nicely is a check or two in her things to do list (as seen in her blog's sidebar) so she can fulfill her dreams!
3. The title of your post must exactly be "I Am Nicely! is Giving Away a Vintage Stylish Cellphone Mobile Design Watch Necklace on Her Birthday"
4. To validate your entry, please leave a comment and your entry's link on this post so that I can check and get back to you as soon as possible. Please don't forget to include your full name and e-mail address, too ☺

Deadline for submission of entries will be at 11:59PM of December 6, 2009. The winner will be drawn by an online raffle device and will be announced on her birthday.
The lucky one will then receive a Vintage Stylish Cellphone Mobile Design Watch Necklace, courtesy of my sponsor, Tinatindera. The winner will be informed of his/her winning through e-mail and the item will be sent to his/her preferred mailing address not later than December 14, 2009. The prize is not refundable for cash.

Good luck and thank you for your continued support to I Am Nicely! ♥lots

Happy Birthday Nicely!

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Nicely 11/25/2009 04:23:00 PM  

Wow!!! Thanks for joining, Ria. Happy talaga ako sa pagsali mo. Thanks for the wish! Sana nga magkatotoo! Mwah!

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