November 22, 2009

Math and Me.

Math and Me don't have the closest of relationships. In fact, ever since childhood, my lowest grades were always in math. No matter how much math help I received from my mom, who's an accountant, I always had difficulty with it. To be fair, I always managed to pass all my math subjects but it wasn't always painless.

In my college days, I even went as far as getting a tutor to help my with my college algebra. Sadly, I still failed the subject, thus causing me a possible cum laude award on graduation. Today's students, however, can get online math help. Not only is it online, but they can even get free online math help

The internet has definitely become a very valuable resource in learning. Through the internet, one can receive online math tutoringthrough websites and programs such as TutorVista. An online math tutor is available 24/7 and can offer one-on-one sessions in a secure web environment. No special gadgets or tools are needed, just your home computer and a reliable broadband connection.  The virtual whiteboard allows both tutor and student to communicate complete with animation and real-time solutions. Cool, huh? An added bonus is that Free online math tutoring is right at your fingertips, compared to a face-to-face tutor who you still need to schedule. While I am glad most of my math days are over, I can't help but think how different my math experience would have been if TutorVista was available back then...

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